AdRedux — Easy Ad Management Plugin for WordPress

Ad Redux (WordPress ad plugin) is a simple in-post ad management plugin to help you show ads on your WordPress blog / website easily. Insert Google Adsense code, or custom ad codes, newsletter signup alerts, image banners, etc., easily within the content in posts and/or pages.

With Ad Redux WordPress ad plugin, you can place you ads at strategic locations within the content and also rotate the ad placements to fight ad-blindness. Place your ads at the beginning, after the first/second/third paragraphs, in the middle or at the end of the content. Exclude selected post categories from ad displays. The plugin is equipped with the essential features without making your website slow. Also, no clutter in your WP database.

> Ad Redux WP Plugin on Download Here <

Features of WordPress Ad Plugin

  • Use Adsense or Other Custom Codes
  • Include all types of Google Adsense ad formats easily
  • Insert advertisements at effective locations
    • Above content
    • After first/second para
    • Middle of posts
    • End of content
  • Define ad alignment styles: left, right, center or random
  • Set ad section width to make responsive advertisement codes show large rectangle box for better visibility
  • Exclude posts in certain categories from ads
  • Saves all the settings in serialized form in just one adredux_settings option in WordPress settings to avoid clutter
  • No clutter in database: the plugin data is deleted from your website when you deactive and delete the plugin

> Ad Redux WP Plugin on Download Here <