Ad Redux Released: Easy WordPress Advertising Plugin for Blogs

Ad Redux Released: Easy WordPress Advertising Plugin for Blogs

We are excited to release a new, awesome WordPress plugin to manage ads on your blogs.

Ad Redux WordPress ad plugin is a simple ad management plugin to help you automatically show ads on your WordPress blog / website easily. You can easily insert Google Adsense code, or custom ad codes, banner ads, newsletter signup alerts, image banners, etc., within the content in posts and/or pages.

With Ad Redux WordPress ad plugin, you can target strategic locations within the content and also rotate the ad placements to fight ad-blindness and get the best result out of your blog advertising. You can also choose to exclude selected post categories and tags from ad displays.

Features of WordPress Ad Plugin

  • Use Adsense or Other Custom Codes
  • Include all types of Google Adsense ad formats easily
  • Insert advertisements at effective locations
    • Above content
    • After first/second para
    • Middle of posts
    • End of content
  • Define ad alignment styles: left, right, center or random
  • Set ad section width to make responsive advertisement codes show large rectangle box for better visibility
  • Exclude posts in certain categories & tags from ads

You can download the new plugin here: Ad Redux WP Advertising Plugin.

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